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Regardless you are a individual investor who is seeking for a strategy to follow, a professional trader, a fund manager, or wealth manager to enrich your investment portfolio, you can access our high performing trading strategies and technology solutions.

Our Services We are professional and flexible. We can work together with you to find a best business model to suit your need.
Automated solution. All strategies are entirely driven by proper back-tested algorithms
Personal and professional support. All the questions and concerns can be answered within a day directly by our technology developer.
Various asset classes: Stocks, ETF, FOREX, Crypto and more
Technology accessibility: Accessible via multiple online brokers and social trading platforms
Trade with us: Investment strategies are tested and live trading with our own capital, we grow together
Quantitive finance (Quants), Algorithmic trading, Artifical technology, Unique data combinations.

Boosting Alpha B.V. is a pioneer trading technology provider utilizing the latest scientific approach.

We develop high performing trading strategies for various assets based on artificial intelligence technology. Our cutting edge data machine constantly gathers financial and alternative data which transforms to an unique insight to feed into trading strategies.

Massive time investment
High skill entry level
Prone to emotional bias
Limited trading hours
Lack of testing
Slow execution time
Minimal time investment
No trading skills required
Completely eliminates emotional bias
Trades 24/7, even on holidays
Tested & optimized for large historical periods
Near-instant execution time


Our technology is a powerful mechanism which combines economical, social and scientific analytics. We leverage Artificial intelligence, but not limited to it. It is also supported by traditional quant trading methods which suit our needs. Our scope is not limited to financial data, but much more beyond. Our machine expands the data analytic capabilities to multiple dimensions and various types.

It automatically recognizes alpha factors and hard-to-identified correlations for a specific type of asset.
It utilizes reinforcement learning which continuously maximize the cumulated returns. The algorithms can be back tested based on a long history (10-15 years) in a short time period. It allows us to generate abundant statistics to evaluate our trading strategies. It is also flexible enouigh to simulate a particular challenging period i.e. 2008 financial crisis.
It has greatly enlarged our investment idea generation to identify opportunities that were not able before
Bronze PLAN 10€/mo
Max 2k Capital
Max 1 Active Bot
Reinvesting of Profits
Swapping of Bots
Silver PLAN 39€/mo with a six-month subscription or 49€/mo on a monthly subscription
Max 10k Capital
Max 5 Active Bots
Reinvestment of Profits
Swapping of Bots
Longs & Shorts
Gold PLAN 79€/mo with a six-month subscription or 99€/mo on a monthly subscription
Max 30k Capital
Unlimited Active Bots
Reinvestment of Profits
Swapping of Bots
Longs & Shorts
Unlimited Connections
2 Weeks Early Access to New Bots
"Gold only" Exclusive Bots
Priority Customer Service
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How does Boosting Alpha develop a trading bot?
How to use Boosting Alpha’s trading bots?
How to connect my exchange account?
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